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Scottsdale Public Library's 3rd annual Ultimate Play Date is almost here!

Ultimate Play Date 2015

Saturday, April 4th, 2015 from 9 am – 3 pm
outside on the Mall at Scottsdale’s Civic Center Library

• All Activities are FREE!!

• Featuring 8 different Play Zones

• Food is available for purchase at the food court

Learn more about the eight different Play Zones at the Ultimate Play Date

Mother and Child: image 1 of 8

Language Play

As children play with language, they learn to express themselves with words, rather than actions only. They are made aware of the reasons we use language and how to appropriately communicate their thoughts and feelings.

Dinosaur Dig: image 2 of 8

Adventure Play

Children are able to explore their surroundings and discover their world, through the safety net of play.

Paper Hats: image 3 of 8

Make-Believe Play

Children learn to use their surroundings to demonstrate their feelings or tell a story.

Physical Play: image 4 of 8

Physical Play

As children get up and play, they learn how fun exercise can be, and learn important social skills like sharing and teamwork. They also learn hand-eye coordination and the importance of following the rules.

Music and Dance: image 5 of 8

Music & Dance Play

Play and music are important for the development of children’s mental capacity and intellect, helping to build language and mathematical skills. Children love to move and dance. It helps children to be active and exercise their bodies.

Cardboard city: image 6 of 8

Construction Play

Children learn that each building or structure has specific characteristics that keep it standing. They also learn to solve problems as they go.

Science & Technology: image 7 of 8

Science & Technology Play

Children use their natural sense of wonder and curiosity to learn about the world around them.

As children play with technology, they learn valuable life skills that will give them a head start in today’s tech-based world.

LEGO table: image 8 of 8

Creative Play

Children are able to express themselves artistically and make decisions in the moment.

Thank you to our sponsors for supporting this event!

First Things First

Trumpet Behavioral Health

Check back to this page for more information about this exciting event as planning continues.

If you have any questions or if you would like to participate as a community partner please contact:

Ann Lynn DiDomenico,
Early Literacy Librarian, Scottsdale Public Library